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GEOCAD - proffesional surveying
tel 603 945 350

Offer for non institutional clients:Geodezja, usługi geodezyjne

  • light residential surveying support
  • setting out buildings
  • border signs renovation
  • setting out utilities
  • land parcels divisions

Offer for institutional clients:

  • investments maps
  • paper and digital maps in CAD environment
  • control measurements of steel and concrete constructions (industry, commerce)
  • investigating objects deformations and dislocations
  • on - site measurements for roads,
  • road evidential measurements to fulfil EU standards
  • building cadastral measurements
  • rivers and hydro engineering objects  detailed measurements
  • surveying support for utilities (drainage, gas liquid, electricity, optical fibre)  
  • buildings and constructions accurate measurements and 3D models
  • GIS input, visualisation, spatial operations
  • thematic maps
  • GIS modelling and detailed natural process modelling (meteo, hydro, others)
  • all customer-tailored measurements

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